PhD Program Virtual Information Session

Duke university students are among the most astute and research-driven students from around the world. For this reason, our Business Administration PhD program is recruiting talented and well-qualified undergraduate and graduate students currently across the departments at Duke. We are hosting a series of virtual information sessions on October 25 and 26 for the seven fields within Business Administration, hosted by our faculty PhD coordinators for each area in accounting, decision sciences, finance, management and organizations, marketing, operations management, and strategy.

Some of our PhD students enter the program with graduate degrees, and many do not. Some students have prior work experience, and many do not. Our students have varying undergraduate degrees, in computer sciences, math, economics, psychology, neurobiology, statistics, engineering, social sciences and more – and they develop individual research focuses on their paths towards a PhD. What all our students have in common is an intrinsic passion for life-long research!

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  • Fall 2027

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